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Welcome to Medical Software for PDA's - brought to you by mHealth Informatics (Australia)

The Guide to Handheld and Palmtop Computing  Resources for Health Care Professionals.

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Medical Resources available.
Since 1996

"The Guide to Handheld and Palmtop Computing Resources for Health Care
Professionals is the most complete guide to medical software on PDAs
that I have ever's certainly the best resource on the planet
in this area!"

Edward M. Zabrek, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Staff Chief Medical Editor
SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine

Guide to mobile EHR applications US$9.99
Guide to mobile Cardiology US$9.99
Guide to mobile Orthopaedics US$9.99


Or search the web for mobile medical resources



Who reads the Guide?
UCLA Dept. of Pediatrics  * St.Johns Ambulance (UK) * National Blood Service (UK) * Cable & Wireless Optus (Australia) * Johns Hopkins University * U.S. Navy * University of Ljubljana * Greenleaf Medical Systems * Mayo Clinic * Handango, Inc. * U.S. Air Force * Arizona Health Sciences Library * Dartmouth Medical School University of Western Ontario * Palm Solutions (Australia) * TeleHealth Networks.

What is the guide?
The Guide is a 165 page book covers over 490 relevant medical resources for your PDA or Smartphone. Explanatory notes accompany each product listed and, where available, actual screen shots of the application have been included. Together with an introduction to handheld/palmtop PCs in medicine, this guide is the most comprehensive available today!

Table of Contents
  • Introduction to PDAs in Medicine
  • Electronic Patient Records & Patient Tracking
  • Hardware/Software bundles
  • Clinical Reference Guides
  • Medical Calculators
  • Anatomy & Anatomical Images
  • Pharmacopedics
  • Procedures
  • Medical DOCs for Palm OS
  • Database Development
  • Australian resources
  • Software plug-ins
  • Billing and Coding
  • Diagnosis
  • Education
  • Stats and EBM Tools
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • General Therapy 
  • Medical AvantGo DOCs
  • Australian Resources
  • Research Papers

  • Surgery
    Development Software: Database
  • Development Software: Documents
  • Development Software: 
  • Development Software: Languages
  • Development Software: 
    Data Acquisition
  • Development Software: 
    Wireless Applications
  • Peripherals: ECG / EKG
  • Peripherals: Audiology
  • Peripherals: Data Storage
  • Peripherals: Printing
  • Peripherals: Communications: 
    Ir Synchronization
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Custom Application Developers
  • Internet Resources
  • Magazines

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Purchasing the Guide
The guide costs just US$4.99 and may be purchased safely and securely on-line by clicking here . After purchasing the Guide you will be issued with a username and password with which you may access our download page, allowing the download of the file directly to your own computer. Please note that these files are quite large. Therefore download times are dependent on your network connections.

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Hardcopy version of the Guide
To purchase a printed version of the guide, please send an International Money Order for AUD$23.00 (twenty-three Australian Dollars) plus the applicable postage charges listed below. Do NOT send personal checks or other local Money Orders. All Money Orders must be submitted in Australian dollars.

                               Postal (Airmail) Charges to:


Australian Dollars

USA, Canada, and
South America


Europe & UK


Australasia $3.00
Middle East
South Africa $10.50

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Contact Us
Postal Address:

P.O. Box 376
Summer Hill. 2130.
NSW. Australia.

Australia (Sydney, NSW): +61 2 9188 1680

Facsimile: TBA



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Privacy and Confidentiality
Your details will remain confidential. Your purchase is handled by Clickbank.Com. This company is an authorised merchant for most major credit companies. Therefore, your card information stays with the merchant and not on this site/server. Your personal details will never be disclosed, sold, hired, or passed on by me to any third party. We do not collect credit card information.

Returns Policy and Resolution of Problems
All purchasers are entitled to a complete refund of the purchase price of the guide should they be dissatisfied with their purchase. If there is an error in the transmission of the guide to you, you agree to contact me directly so that I may attempt to resolve the problem by whatever means I have. 

Information for Developers and Vendors
Software developers or vendors who wish to be listed in the guide should submit, by email, a brief description of the company and its product/s. This description will outline:   

  • Software function

  • Intended audience

  • Hardware requirements/Platform specifications

  • File size

  • Price

  • Complete corporate information

    If possible, a product/company brochure in PDF or doc format should also be submitted. It would be preferable to supply any promotional literature or press releases for a particular product. All submissions shall be considered for inclusion into the guide. Those companies that are selected for inclusion in the guide will be notified via email. Successful companies will not be charged for being included in the guide.

Copyright and Disclaimers
All contents in this web site are copyright 1999 - 2012 Ralph La Tella. All rights reserved. I can not and do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any of the information contained in the guide, or any of the products mentioned in the guide or on this site or any other information which is referenced or linked to the site. I cannot be held responsible for anything you do to your patients based on any information you may have obtained on this site or in the guide. Persons or organizations receiving information from this web site and/or the book associated with this site, or from referenced or linked sites or from any referenced sources, must use their own independent judgment as to the quality and relevance of the information. The majority of the information contained in the guide is widely available on the internet and in the public domain. For the sake of your patients please ensure that whatever software you use, or whatever, procedures you undertake do conform with your local guidelines, the formulary, and your ethical and moral obligations.

Disclosure: Sources of Funding
This site is funded from income derived from sales of the guide and income derived from the placement of advertising banners as provided by Google. We also have affiliate arrangements in place whereby a percentage of the value of the item sold is sent back to us. This assists in paying for hosting space as well maintenance costs associated with domain registration.

Honesty in advertising & editorial policy
Our website hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control Google ads content and our editorial content is free of any commercial influence. We do have affiliate arrangements in place with very select software publishers. We do choose, however, to list only those products that would be of potential benefit to our readers. The choice to list a product is NOT and has never been a decision made purely on the benefit we may derive from the sale of that product.

Copyright (c) Ralph La Tella. The information contained on this web site is copyright. Other than fair dealing for the purposes of private study, criticism or review as permitted under Australia's Copyright Act no part of this web site may be reproduced by any process without the express written permission of the author. This page was last modified on the 16 January 2012.


Like a link to your medical PDA site?
Send a brief description NOW to

Indispensable Resource: 
Information Blog developed and created by Internet expert, author, keynote speaker and consultant Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. for monitoring healthcare resources and sites on the Internet.

Very highly recommended: Handhelds Journals, Palm Handheld Journals, PDA Journals - An excellent resource - Creators of SecuBox for Pocket PC - Simply the best encryption software available for your PDA.

Great alternative OS resource. Click here


What is Care2002?

An Open Source, facility-wide, web-based system for use in hospitals, solo and multi-physician clinics. 

There is a push toward Open-Source software. Care2002 allows one to evaluate Open-Source systems for their usability without outlaying large amounts of money. 

What's new? 
New modules for:

- Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with 31 record types
- Patient's appointment scheduling
- Person's basic personal data
- Inpatient admission & outpatient visit
- Department management
- Personell management
- GUI configurators, etc.
- Database abstraction...

It is definitely worth spending a little time reviewing the application.

Please click here to visit the site.

Medical Software Reviews 
Electronic Medical Record Software, EMR Software and Medical Billing Software reviews, articles, news, forums and information. Free medical software vendor directory and medical software reviews

Cogent Health Care
Hospitalist company, jobs, patient care programs, and free CME.
Cogent is the premier hospitalist company, offering jobs, patient care programs, and free CME.

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis

Satellite Forms for Medicine (Tutorials)

Epi Info

Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report

National Center for Health Statistics (USA)

Office of National Statistics (UK)

Annals of Internal Medicine

British Medical Journal

The Lancet

New England Journal of Medicine

AetherPalm (anaesthetic resources for Palm OS)
Medical Matrix
Electronic Textbook of Dermatology
The Internet Drug Index (RxList)
Health Information Management Association of Australia
The Open Health Care Group
Annals of Internal Medicine for PDAs
American College of Physicians PDA Portal
Ectopic Brain - Kent Willyard, MD.
Evidence Based Medicine 2 Go 
Medical Pocket PC
PDA Cortex The Portal for PDAs in Nursing
Pocket Medicine: Clinical Publications
PDA Buyers Guide: Great reviews!
Med Students Cafe: PDA Center
eMedicine PDA Books
Medical iSilo Documents
MedHand Dr.Companions UK (A great collection of medical references on SD card)
OmniMD Electronic Medical Record Software for Clinical Practices in US.

Johns Hopkins Medicine - This page of PDA resources maintained by the JH Office of Academic Computing includes the usual links, plus some original FAQs.

UW Family Medicine's PDA Resource Guide - Created by the University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Network, contains lots of great info for all medical PDA users, including links to PDA web sites, hardware, software, reviews, buyer's guides, software installation instructions, troubleshooting, tips, and more!

ACP-ASIM PDA Portal - This site, hosted by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine, offers a selection of free documents covering a variety of medical topics.

Alanna's Palm Pilot Page - An overview of how a fourth-year resident at the University of Cincinnati uses her Palm OS handheld, including lists of her favorite applications and Web sites.

Dr. B's PDA - A family practitioner's page of home-grown Palm OS applications and links.

FP PDA - Free Palm OS medical software, medical information, Palm OS tutorials, links, and more.

Healthy PalmPilot - The largest collection of medical Palm OS databases and documents on the Web.

Medical iSilo Depot - A collection of more than 100 iSilo documents designed for the medical PDA user gathered from sources far and near.

MeisterMed - Medical references for the doctor on the go, including CodeMeister, LyteMeister, and more!

PDA Cortex - Formerly, this site has shifted focus to become "the cutting-edge, multidisciplinary community for the innovators and implementers of mobile informatics." (Discontinued)

Andrew Yee's Palm Pilot Page - Includes a free database of nearly 1,000 medical eponyms, available in JFile Pro and Doc formats. Maintained by Andrew Yee.

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